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Best colour combinations for logo design

Best colour combinations for logo design

Two best colour combinations, three colour combinations for logo…

Each colour conveys a different emotion and carries the ability to shape behaviours. Similarly, a combination of colours can reinforce an ideology. In the marketing arena too, this colour psychology plays a pivotal role in creating a brand perception. Therefore, the colour imperatives which guide consumer behaviour must be chosen carefully. Here’s a take on the best colour combinations for designing a logo.

What is the best colour combination for a logo?

In branding, colour is usually not used in isolation; instead, they are often combined to nail the brand message appropriately and effectively. However, choosing the right colour combination can become a daunting task, especially for small business owners, who are keen on conserving every resource available. So to simplify the cumbersome task of finding the right colour combination for your brand, we have deciphered logos of some great brands to help you understand how they have used a combination of colours to get their brand message out and clear.
Here’s a classic one

Yellow and Black

Best colour combinations for logo design

MailChimp logo

Yellow and Black is a brilliant colour combination for two reasons; the vibrancy of yellow makes an impact without troubling the eyes, and the stark contrast makes the letters and the mascot in the logo stand out. This colour combination makes MailChimp’s logo an attention grabber. This combination of colours is apt if your brand is vibrant, communicative and a bit authoritative.

Pink and Purple

Best colour combinations for logo design
Both pink and purple are soft colours. While the pink appeals to women, the purple colour conveys the royalty or luxury of the brand. This fusion of pink and purple colour is great for cosmetics, perfume and lingerie brands.

White and Grey

Best colour combinations for logo design

Barrel Culture logo by Chris Bernay

White and Grey are connected colours; hence, their union reinforces the message given out by the accompanying colour. The purity and subtleness of white get reinstated by the grey. If your brand stresses purity or quality of your product above others, then this colour combination is right for you

Blue and Orange

Best colour combinations for logo design

@cjzilligen on Instagram

Blue and orange colours fall on opposite sides of the colour wheel and thus form complementary colours. Though the orange used in this logo is not exactly an actual bright tint of orange, this subdued tint evokes the same feeling and creates a great colour combination with navy blue and light blue. The youthful spirit with the sportsman spirit is conveyed brilliantly through this combination of colours. This combination works great for Technology and Travel brands.

Shades of green and blue

Best colour combinations for logo design

@paddymo10 on Instagram

Giving it to nature! Taking the hues from the nature green & blue and using different tints of these colour has worked out well for this logo. This colour combination teaches us that inspiration can be drawn from a product or its source as well.

Black, white, purple and yellow

Best colour combinations for logo design
Adobe Photoshop mascot logo template
This colour combination is brilliant for gaming, and if black gets eliminated from the combination (using only white, purple and yellow), the mystery element will be taken out. As these colour s form high contrast, they can effectively make a logo stand out. However, caution should be exercised as it is a loud combination of colours.

Grey, light green and pink

Best colour combinations for logo design

Logo By DjDesignerLab

While the grey here talks about the purity and reliability, the pastel shades of green reinstate the freshness of the product, and a touch of pink has made the overall logo an eye catcher. This colour scheme is also good for the brand into the baby food business.

Green, red, yellow + a combination of subdued colours

Contrasting colours and a combination of loud and subdued colours invoke a feeling of ethnicity. This colour combination is useful if you trade in ethnic products.
Best colour combinations for logo design

Tacorama Mexican restaurant logo by artdemix

Orange, maroon, white and green

Best colour combinations for logo design

the West Virginia Food Truck Festival

Fresh, fresh, fresh!!! This lively combination of colours screams out the youthful and freshness of the brand. The use of contrasting marron red along with white adds a different dimension to its logo. This colour combination is apt if your brand represents a youthful spirit while staying responsible and grounded.

White, yellow, green and grey

Best colour combinations for logo design

Save-Idea by Mooxidesign

Each colour in this combination invokes a different emotion, but it is put together in such a thoughtful way that they drive down the message of being environmentally responsible effectively.

A combination of subdued colours – green + light brown + blue

Best colour combinations for logo design

Salida_Winefest_Sunday_Lounge by Jared Jacob

Use of subdued colours is apt if your logo is retro style. Also, this fantastic use of colours makes it playful and takes you to a different period.

Combination of warm and cool colours

Best colour combinations for logo design

Go Tickets logo

This logo is an excellent example use of warm and cool colours together. Most of these colours are complementary colours. They have been placed together in different schemes – the hands form an analogous scheme (three nearby colours)

Colours are combined in a myriad way; imagination is the limit. Nature too exercises colour combination in abundance. However, when it comes to selecting best colour combination for a logo design and branding it would be advisable to use restraint as even less can be more.

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