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How to build a Yoga website on a Budget

How to build a Yoga website on a Budget
Whether you own a Yoga studio, or are a teacher or a wellness coach, having a presence on the World Wide Web, can make a huge difference to your image and local business. A professional looking and aesthetically appealing website that connects with your audience and imparts information about your studio or classes will give them a sneak peek into your business to better understand it.
As each niche is unique, here’s a guide on how to create effective Yoga website without hurting your budget.

Choose a platform

There are various ways and platforms on which you can build your website, such as – a website builder or hiring a professional or a cost-effective web development company. Each has its own pros and cons.

Website builder

Website builders are cost-effective, but you would require time and some creativity to work with them. Choosing a template is easy but customising the template to meet your preferences can prove to be a cumbersome task. Selecting appropriate images, pasting content, editing the layout and changing colour can all wear you out.

Web development company

Here all you have to do is to tell a professional web service agency such as, Kaizen Digital Studios, what you want and how you want it. Convey your idea and then sit back and relax. However, the onus is in choosing the right web design agency. Cost and expertise of the staff should be the governing criteria.

Next thing is selecting a domain name.

Domain Name

Choose your studio’s name as domain name. If you are an independent teacher, choose a name that can be easily pronounced and is short to type.
Now comes the visual appeal! When it comes to a website for Yoga, visual aids are of crucial importance.

Choose images and colour carefully

First, ask yourself – how would you like your audience to perceive you?
If you are into power yoga, you can showcase contemporary postures with complimenting background colours (learn about the right colours for a successful business). Bold postures and indoor environment can make a statement.
However, if you practice hatha yoga or yoga that’s more about wellness and better living than fitness, then use light colours, early morning outdoor images and not so difficult postures.
The look of your yoga web page should be in agreement with what you teach. It is through visuals that you make the first statement and then with words you keep your audience engaged.
When it comes to this niche, your audience will be interested in seeing real-life images. It would be ideal to click professional photos of you performing different postures, photos of your studio, or of place where you teach. Using stock images are not a taboo but use them sparingly.
How to build a Yoga website on a Budget


Now, decide the purpose of your website – is it just to provide basic information about you and your studio or do you wish to sell products through the website, or do you plan to educate the worldwide audience through your informative blogs, or you would like to organise events and workshops and take bookings through your website?
Whatever be the purpose, plan it and communicate it to your website development agency, helping them create required technology to build your website.


Integrate your social media on your website and popularise the website through them. Write engaging blogs and spread the word.
Tips: Do not clutter a Yoga website, instead use subpages if you have more pages to add. Make your website the best marketing tool by having sign-up forms and posting updates and offers regularly.

Choosing a WordPress platform to build your website, ensures flexibility and freedom for all future updates. Kaizen Digital Studios has been building cost-effective websites on a budget for years now. Know more.

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