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The essential features for an eCommerce website

The essential features for an eCommerce website

The eCommerce industry, which was dominated by giants like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay, witnessed the entry of small businesses in recent years. The convenience, reach and flexibility of eCommerce lured these businesses and individual entrepreneurs to test the waters. Positively enough, consumers around the world have been receptive to small businesses selling through online shops. However, we found that there was a visible and functional difference between the eCommerce websites of big brands vs small businesses. One could argue that the difference can be attributed to the resources, but we have found that it is not due to the resources at disposal, but the lack of understanding and sound knowledge about the essential eCommerce website features that have led to people disowning the carts.

Right platform:

Choosing the right platform to build an online shopping website is key to the success of your website. The chosen platform should be capable enough to fulfil not only your current business requirements but should be agile enough for future expansion too. An online store cannot afford downtimes or crashes, so talk to your web development agency to provide the best as per your business requirement. For businesses who are reluctant to invest initially, WordPress as a platform would be economically viable, however, it might not support large-scale proceedings.


Branding lets your customers know who you are. Your eCommerce website should be in sync with your company’s brand. Moreover, it should shout out the underlying value of your brand. If you sell indoor plants, for instance, and your brand identity envelopes the love for nature, then the tone and overall look and feel should be earthy and raw. Make sure you have your logo placed at appropriate places.


The essential features for an eCommerce website
User-friendly design is what drives a site visitor to move ahead. While designing your shopping portal, care should be taken to ensure that it is easy for a visitor to find products they are looking for. Ease of navigation is crucial. Call to Action (CTA) buttons and navigation links should be placed where it is easy to spot. The layout of displayed products should be attractive and clutter-free. Design and look of a website are the deciding factors for a shopper. Shabby looking website is immediately linked to unprofessional service in a visitors’ mind.

Search and filters:

Search Option and filters are features you cannot do away with for an online shopping website. Just having the search feature won’t do the job, it should be well integrated so that it shows up appropriate results, helps the user and lists all the relevant products in the result. If your product fails to appear in the search, it may lead to loss of business. Similarly, filters are equally important. Features relevant to the products and customer preferences should be present in the filter. If we go with the above-mentioned online nursery example, your online store visitors would need filters like an indoor-outdoor plant, low-light plants, succulents and so on.

Shopping Cart & Streamlined Payment System:

Your online shop needs a cart (we know you know!) however, we have come across tons of ineffective shopping carts that make shoppers abandon the cart instead of making the purchase. A shopping cart should be smart enough to sync multiple additions from multiple opened tabs, should show every calculation including GST and shipping, should have the option to include promo code and a shopper should be able to save and come back to the cart later just in case they don’t wish to complete the transaction then. Next is a payment system, every online shopper wishes for safety and flexibility when it comes to an online transaction, so having multiple payment options and secured payment gateways promises fewer cart abandonments.

Policies and FAQs:

Make sure you have your return, shipping and payment policies detailed on your website. Also, includesome Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to your products, customer service, installation, payment, return etc. Being transparent will make shoppers confident.

Responsive Web Design:

Not to mention, your customers could be using any device to shop, mobile being the most likely! Your eCommerce website should then display properly on all devices irrespective of their size. Product images and the accompanying details should all be displayed properly along with the CTA. All the features of the website should be optimised for handheld devices making it convenient for every user to shop.

Speedy Page Loading:

Speed is essential especially when it comes to an eCommerce portal. With the need to browse multiple products, you cannot risk having a slow loading site.

Marketing Support:

Your online shop should be flowing with visitors, else what’s the point of having one. Create noise and let your target audience know that you are here. Constant and continuous online marketing must be a part of your marketing strategy. Cost-effective online marketing methodologies are available for small business enterprises.
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