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We build kick-ass websites bespoke to your requirements.  For local businesses to succeed online, you need strategic designs that generate leads, and we build just that. That is why we are the go-to Website Builders for Small Business in Perth.

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    We are a Complete Digital Agency

    We understand the pain points of small local businesses, so helping them succeed online is our mission. We believe there are enough opportunities online one just needs to know how to tap into them. We help local businesses that are either starting on their digital journey or are trying to make a mark online.
    Through a process-driven approach, we have optimised the entire process of web designing and development. This helps our clients focus on their business without being distracted often. Our purpose-built workflows and resources ensure all the relevant details are captured in one go, thereby minimising wastage of time. We have never missed a deadline!
    This approach to web designing has helped us deliver classy websites to small business in a cost-effective manner. You get an SEO friendly, multi-device responsive and user-friendly website that drives sales.
    A website is not a company brochure, it is a marketing machine. Such a machine is built with meticulous planning and strategy. We build websites as a tool complementing your bigger marketing plans – be it traditional or digital.

    eCommerce Website Design Perth

    The online shopping curve is rising

    It’s a limitless world, so why limit yourself to a brick-n-motor store? With changing consumer behaviour, we are witnessing an eCommerce boom. Strike the iron when it’s hot. Build an online store for your business and grow exponentially. Building a small business online shop is way easier and cost-effective than you think.


    As an entrepreneur of a small business, your first goal would be connecting with your audience. What would be an efficient way than a website of your business? Think of how you shop, and you’ll have the answer to what shapes customer perception. A kick-ass website that makes the mark right from the first point of contact is sure to win you, clients. You own an eCommerce website, for instance, with a dynamic display of products, excellent product images, strategic placement of buttons, and an intuitive flow that leads a visitor to the final payment gateway that is sure to convert. So, what are you waiting for?
    Website Design
    Website Design


    From hobby to the profession – exercise the freedom of choice. Do it on your terms! If you are a freelancer and love doing things on your terms, then let your prospects know. Showcase your work and market it in front of the right audience with a website. If you are a life or a fitness coach, show your target audience the authority you hold on the subject. Give demo, share blogs, and be visible to your audience. With a smart web design, you can engage your audience and convert them into leads. Take control and reach out to a vast audience beyond geographical boundaries.


    Great content needs to be displayed creatively too. Design your website in a way that engages. Blogs are on top of the sales funnel. We live in an information era, so share your knowledge and let your audience know you are an industry leader. Creating a website and linking your channels and social feeds to the website allows you to cater to vast audiences and influence potential collaborators. This, also means you do not have to put all your eggs in one basket. Websites are lasting, unlike some social channels that may disappear or get banned overnight.
    Website Design

    Whoever You Are We Have A Solution For You


    Graphic Design Studio

    Nail it with a logo!

    We make it easy for small business to communicate with their audience graphically. From logo to designs of marketing materials, we do it all. Right colours, fonts and typography form the crux of our designs. That said, it is our creativity and your intent that displays through our graphic design.

    Logo Design | Business Card | Brochure | Social Media Posters | Layout & Print Design | Email Marketing Template

    Kaizen Digital Studios Design Services

    Simply WOW!


    Fluid Design

    Our web design flows seamlessly, every element complementing each other. Our websites have a soothing appeal. The colours used on the website also blend in an eye-catching manner.
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    Intuitive Navigation

    This is an essential component of web design and development. Your website should lead users from page to page and section to section, catering to different visitor intent. Our web page elements unconsciously guide visitors across pages and to CTA’s.

    Mobile Optimised

    Mobile optimisation has reached the next level. Google too indexes on a mobile-first basis. As most users are searching the net through mobile, your website too must be optimised for mobile.
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    Websites designed by us ticks all the criteria that Google considers worthy. Scripts and codes are optimised to enhance speed, URLs are kept short, and user experience (which now plays an important role) is optimum.


    We design content-rich websites with images and videos, building a visual story. Photos are chosen based on the topic and the colour scheme of the web page. Our agile CMS facilitates adding of images and videos without the help of a developer.
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    Lead Generating

    Every website has a marketing intent. Our designs engage the visitors and guide them in the right direction, irrespective of their landing site. If a visitor lands on the blog post, there are enough pointers to coax the visitor to make him check out products/services.
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    Growth Oriented

    When your business expands, you need your website to showcase it as well. Our websites give ample scope for future expansion. WordPress allows you to integrate different technologies into the website.
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    Effective CTA’s

    The CTA (Click To Action) button is a crucial element that coaxes a visitor to take the next step. CTA’s drive a lead into taking action of contacting the company or purchasing a product. However, they need to be optimised too with the right words, placement, and colour.
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    Latest with Technology

    Our websites are built on the most effective Content Management System (CMS) – WordPress. It also offers great flexibility by providing an easy-to-use content editor. This gives our clients total control of their website for updates.
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    If you offer services that require booking, for instance, WordPress allows you to integrate different applications and plugins. Also, various other plugins for SEO, Social sharing and applications for appointments etc, can be managed easily.

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