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Social Media Marketing: How to do it, Types, Tools & Tips

In the present age, there is almost none that doesn’t have a social media account. Yes! People use social media to connect with friends and family. But recently companies have understood its importance in tapping more profits.

For companies, social media marketing is essential to stand out with your competitors. Companies are using it to promote their products/services online.

People have started promoting their firms on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and other platforms. These sites gain instant exposure to a large audience.

But how can you use social media marketing to grow your business?

In this article, we’ve discussed Social Media Marketing, its types and some amazing tips. These tips help you to stand out your brand and grow your business.

Let’s get started!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing used by companies to advertise their brands. Many global buyers are on these online platforms. And companies do not have to go through too much hassle to get their notions across. It has started a big trend of new emerging skill-sets as well. People can now specialize in Social Media Marketing with various tools and tips. And even answer the basics of social media marketing to newbies in the field.

Social media platforms often have built-in algorithms to help businesses. People have the option to get business accounts opened with unique benefits. Also, get the customer reviews from the users  without the need for any formal interaction. And enhances the user experience.

Why is social media marketing so popular?

More than 90% of marketers use social media to ensure their product’s sales. Since so many are on the same line, there is tough competition. And to win this, people need to know What is social media and its benefits of using it in their business. Let’s see!

Creates awareness

Be it the product or the company that needs to be recognized. You always need to have a base to make effective and fast sales. It’s done using social media tools like making pages and having people follow them. It’s shown to have gained people using the social to have more profit margin than the sectors that don’t use it. You can always post your new products with creative editing tools. To get more people interested in them. It is also the same with having hashtags to mention your niche and reach the target audience.

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Fast feedback

Social media has tons of people scrolling on the sites and apps. They are more than likely to reach the newer posts first (thanks to the algorithm). It gets your product page noticed. A laternd use feedback to do changes in the product to cater to the majority’s needs and demands. Comments and replies are the fastest methods to get feedback. It also helps you analyze your target audience’s thoughts on the item.

Analyze your competitor's market

If your products are viewed on social media then you’ll face competitors around on the site.  And, you can view your competitor’s feedback or customer response, study it, and improve upon it. Analyzing your competitors’ market through social media is effective in business and trade.

Understanding user experience

Your customers are the only ones adding value to your assets. And hence, reading customers’ minds has been one of the most wanted tactics of any business. And with social media, it got way more effortless than how it used to be via traditional marketing. People have the option of commenting and posting their opinions about the products. You may also use tracking tools to analyze where your target audience comes from the most. It could be a country, a bunch of communities, linguistic groups, or even divisions based on age.

Share on-field stories

Nothing is more promising than to show how the company works from the grassroots level. And how it has managed to bring forth any change. Social media comes with dedicated groups for posts, stories, short videos & textual conversation. Sharing stories will gain more customers’ trust and promote your brand.

Types of Social media marketing

Social media marketing covers it all. Still, there are significant differences between the different platforms used. Some of them given below:

Social networking sites

Facebook & Instagram are globally used social media platforms. Since the content can be cured according to the audience’s interests. You can share your videos and pictures. It is super effective since only the interested users access it. These also help to connect with your contacts by enabling sync.

Bookmarking websites

Social media platforms had features to save products or post links. These links can be saved to your profile and shared among your followers and contacts. Pinterest is an excellent example of this. With this platform, you can scroll by the posts, like them, and save them to ‘boards’. Also you can create, and added links can also be shared outside of the site/app, making them easier to locate.

Social news sites show

an open conversation on the site/app via a query format. People are expected to post their questions, and others are free to answer them. Now, how to do social media marketing? So, the answer remains simple. People can have free interactions on any topic and add links to provide access. It is also quite helpful in generating in-depth feedback, unlike the short comments. Your target audience can share feedback to get you some insights into your products. And you can do the changes it needs to undergo. Quora and Reddit are the most popular social news sites.

Media sharing platforms

If you are into social media marketing, YouTube isn’t ignored. This site alone gets you your most extensive base if managed well enough. Many companies have channels to provide information on their deals and offers. These sites also have the option for comments and feedback. YouTube and Pinterest land as the most popular platforms for sharing media. Moreover, the tutorials often get better views in video format than textual ones. So YouTube gets the upper hand here.

Microblogging sites

Having short texts with links posted online gets enormous attention. Since short stories are quick and people find them quite informative. Hyperlinks are important when marketing on social media.

Hacks to grow your social media

Stay Consistent

Consistency is the ultimate factor in your branding. People will always choose fresh content over anything else. You must post on a regular or stick to a posting schedule.


Hashtags are a life-saver for anyone, but if not used can have zero effect. So, ensure that the tags you put down in the captions are related and trending. Your audience’s feed is filled with posts relevant to their past searches and interests. So the algorithm will put whatever mentioned in the tags in the feeds.

Post Curious Content

Have you ever thought about how to do social media marketing? so that your product outshines compared to everyone else? Well, the answer lies in the attractiveness of the uploads made. You might want to use editing tools to change the looks of the images or videos posted.


Learn from your competitor. Follow someone who has a better feed and imaginative outlook. Go to their feedback, try to learn what gets their target audience’s interest, and apply the same.

Use Analytics Tools

Not available on every platform. If you have a business or professional account, you give a bunch of statistical tools to enhance the bid.


Social Media Marketing is a burning topic. And the startups are in direct need of earning this high-demand skill. But, knowing what is social media marketing and how to do it has become quite challenging. We can never ignore how fast it gets your product worldwide! We hope this article helps you to know everything about social media marketing. Also its importance and some amazing tips to grow your brand. Now it’s your turn to stand out your brand and get in front of your potential customers.

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